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Member Benefits

Social Travel Club isn't just another travel club; it's an exclusive society for travelers who love to explore new adventures and meet new people. In an era of superficial connections, we've curated a community of kindred spirits who share your passion for travel. Also, our exclusive local gatherings and city events provide the perfect backdrop for meaningful connections, lasting friendships, and exciting travel plans. It's where adventurers like you come together to explore the world. Our members are the connoisseurs of travel, and they're redefining the way the world experiences adventure and luxury.

As member you can also take advantage of: 


Networking Opportunities

 This network can provide valuable connections for personal and professional growth, such as job opportunities, collaborations, mentorship, and support.


Personal Development

By participating in events and gatherings organized by the group, you can enhance your skills and knowledge through the exchange of ideas and perspectives within the group and therefore broaden your horizons and promote personal growth.


Collaborative Opportunities

By connecting with other members who have complementary skills or interests, you can explore opportunities for collaborative ventures, such as business ventures, creative collaborations, or community initiatives. This collective synergy can lead to mutual growth.


Access to Exclusive Events and Travel

Being part of the group grants you access to these unique opportunities, enabling you to learn, connect, discover, and create memorable experiences.


Access to an Exclusive Members only Platform

A valuable resource that enhances the community keeps members informed and connected. Discount to Event Tickets: Enjoy discounts on event tickets organized by the group. These events could include conferences, seminars, workshops, or networking gatherings.


Discount on Merch

Enjoy discounts on branded apparel, accessories, stationery, and more!


Discount on Ad Space

As a member, you may receive a discount on ad spaces within the TWS Site, members-only section, and at events. This benefit can be particularly valuable for individuals or businesses looking to promote their products, services, or personal brand within the TWS community. The discount on ad spaces enables you to reach a targeted audience while enjoying cost savings on advertising expenses.

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